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Forwarded To President Obama by Joe Marchessault Joe cut out close crop

President Obama.

I want to acknowledge you for the respect and dignity that you demonstrated throughout your terms in office. Every time I heard you speak, you were positive and authentic and uplifting. I felt of your sincere desire to make the country a better place. I admired your beautiful wife and her grace and her humility, she never seemed to let fame distract her from being a good mother and a force for good. You were the type of first family that this country deserves as an example.

Somehow you held this country and our economy together during one of the most fragile periods of our existence. You helped heal some of the lingering prejudice and division that still linger in our country. You took a stand for those in need.

You have been hated. You have been scorned. You have been ridiculed. And yet you continued to do your job the best you knew how.

Sure, you made your mistakes. You weren’t perfect, but who could be. It’s a job that is impossible to make everyone happy. I think being President would be the hardest job on the planet. We saw you age and grow grey in the time you were in office, yet I never saw you get sucked into the drama of those haters and critics that stood by finding fault. You just kept going.

As a country we may never know how much you did for us. We may not ever fully acknowledge the sacrifices you made.

And now as you turn the reigns over to someone who represents almost the complete opposite of what you stood for, I wish you and your family the best in what comes next for you. I don’t know what an ex-president does when they are done, but I am certain you will continue to go on and bless the world in your own way.

Thank you.

P. S. to President Obama,

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